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SMCA volunteers maintain two rinks in Sandstone MacEwan, the Pleasure Rink located at 99 Sandstone Dr NW and the hockey rink at 355 Sandarac Dr NW.

*Please note the hockey and pleasure rinks are open for skating as of Friday, December 7th*

Hockey Rink Flood Schedule

Please assist the volunteers by vacating the rinks when sweeping and flooding begins.

Thursday, November 29th – 7pm
Friday, November 30th – 7pm
Saturday & Sunday, December 1 & 2nd – pending snow amounts
Monday, December 3rd – 7pm
Tuesday, December 4th – 7pm & 9:30pm
Wednesday, December 5th – 7pm & 9:30pm
Thursday, December 6th – 7pm & 9:30pm
Saturday, December 8th – 10am
Sunday, December 9th – 9pm
Monday, December 10th – 9pm
Tuesday, December 11th – 9pm
Wednesday, December 12th – 9pm
Thursday, December 13th – 9pm
Friday 14th and Saturday 15th  – NO Floods
Sunday, December 16th – 9pm
Tuesday, December 18th – 9pm
Thursday, December 20th – 9pm
Saturday, December 22nd – 8am & 4pm
Sunday, December 23rd – 8am & 9pm
Monday, December 24th – 9pm
Tuesday, December 25th – Merry Christmas…No Flood
Wednesday, December 26th – 10pm
Thursday, December 27th – 10pm
Friday & Saturday – No Floods Planned
Sunday, December 30th – 10pm
Tuesday, January 1st – Happy New Year…No Floods Planned
Wednesday, January 2nd – Warmer Temps, flooding postponed until cold returns
Saturday January 5th – 9am & 9pm
Sunday January 6th – 9pm
Monday January 7th – 9pm
Wednesday January 9th – 9pm
Saturday January 12th & Sunday January 13th – Warmer Temps, flooding postponed until cold returns
Monday January 14th – 9pm
Tuesday January 15th – 9pm
Wednesday January 16th – 9pm
Thursday January 17th – 9pm
Friday January 18th – No Flood Planned
Saturday, January 19th – 9AM
Sunday, January 20th – 9pm
Monday, January 21st – 9pm
Tuesday, January 22nd – 9pm
Wednesday, January 23rd – 9pm…more of a snowblow/sweep with 4cms in the forecast
Thursday, January 24th – 9pm
Saturday, January 26th – 9AM
Sunday, January 27th – 9AM
Monday, January 28 – 9pm
Tuesday, January 29 – 9pm
Wednesday, January 30 – 9pm
Thursday, January 31 – 9pm
Friday, February 1st – No flood schedule
Saturday, February 2nd – 9AM & 9pm
Sunday, February 3rd – Cancelled due to extreme cold
Monday, February 4th – Cancelled due to extreme cold
Tuesday, February 5th – 9pm
Wednesday, February 6th – 9pm
Thursday, February 7th – 9pm
Friday, February 8th – No flood scheduled
Saturday, February 9th – Cancelled due to extreme cold
Sunday, February, 10th – Cancelled due to extreme cold
Tuesday, February 12th – 9pm
Wednesday, February 13th – 9pm
Thursday, February 14th – 9pm
Friday, February 15th – No flood scheduled
Saturday, February 16th – 9AM


Pleasure Rink – OPEN

When using the rinks please adhere to the posted rules at the rink, respect all who use and maintain the ice, and have fun!!

Want to become a Rink Rat volunteer? Please email info@sandstonemacewan.com for more information.