By: Trevor Bacon On: February 01, 2018 In: Notices Comments: 0

Even though Sandstone Macewan will not be hosting a Community Clean-up this year, there are numerous alternatives to help with your spring cleaning including:

1. Other Communities are participating in Community Clean-ups throughout the city in June and September.  Click here for the locations and  schedule: www.calgary.ca/CSPS/ABS/Pages/Partnership-programs/Community-cleanups.aspx

2. The City of Calgary Landfill offers Throw ‘n’ Go Facilities for residential customers that allow you to safely and conveniently dispose of items that you want to recycle or throw away! More info here: www.calgary.ca/UEP/WRS/Pages/Landfill-information/Landfill-Throw-n-Go-Facilities.aspx

3. Sage Hill London Drugs is hosting a clean up-recycling collection event on June. 2nd, 10am-3pm at 50 Sage Hill Plaza NW. If you have any electronics, batteries, extension cords, medications, common recyclables, Styrofoam, chemicals, small appliances, lightbulbs, smoke detectors.. etc., they will have collection bins for you to use FREE OF CHARGE!  More information available here: www.greendeal.ca

4. Donate gently used items and clothing to the Salvation Army Thrift Store.  There is a Salvation Army Drop Bin located in Sandstone at the Birkshire Citadel at 222 Sandarac Drive NW.  For more information about what can be donated click here: www.thriftstore.ca/alberta/donating-goods

5. Alberta’s Recycling Hotline is a this website that will provide you a comprehensive list of what you can recycle and where to recycle it, please visit: www.callcentre.emergeknowledge.com

Thank you for helping to keep our City and Communities clean and clutter free!