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Hope you’re enjoying the cooler weather and changing leaves! Here are some topics and questions we’ve received from residents this past month. For more information or to contact my office directly, visit jasminemian.com.

Q: Is the TELUS construction work finished?

A: Yes! With the exception of remediation on yards that was started in the spring, TELUS is finished with their Pure Fibre work in Ward 3. TELUS will continue to provide maintenance services to residents who make reports through 311, but follow up with my office if you have not received timely assistance.

Q: What can I do if I see wrongly placed commercial advertising signs?

A: This has been a topic many residents have written to us about. Community Standards (bylaw) works consistently to take down wrongly placed signs across the city, but this is done on a complaint-based basis. You can easily report signs and their location via the 311 app, which is how the City tracks the signs. As always, if your Service Request is not responded to in a timely manner, reach out to my office to help resolve the issue.

City Budget – November

Next month marks the annual budget adjustments. From November 20-24th, Council will be receiving presentations from Administration and debating additions and adjustments to the budget. All residents are invited to speak at Council and share their opinions – via phone, in person, or written response. If you want to participate, visit calgary.ca/council/meetings/public-hearing to view your options and registration process.


September Community Newsletter – Councillor Jasmine Mian

What an incredible summer it’s been! I’ve enjoyed meeting residents and being in the community at the wonderful events hosted throughout the ward. Thanks to everyone who stopped by our tent during the Stampede breakfast hosted in Coventry Hills!

North Trail Highschool Opening

The change of seasons means that kids are officially back to school. North Trail High School is opening along Harvest Hills Blvd. With many students travelling to the new school, we expect some growing pains with parking and traffic.

To report a concern, scan the QR code to submit via 311 or CPS. If your concern has not been resolved in a timely manner, please follow up with my office.

The opening of North Trail High School also means that there will be some changes to bus service. To view the specific routes and levels of service, visit calgarytransit.com.

Hanson Ranch Wetland Redesign

The City is undertaking work on the constructed wetlands in Hanson Ranch. The City’s Water Services department will be hosting public information sessions this month. To read more about the project and the dates of the information sessions, scan the QR code:

For more information on all things related to Ward 3 or to contact my office directly, visit jasminemian.com.


The last month of summer is officially here! While the weather is still hot, here are some fun outdoor events happening across Ward 3 and the City throughout August.

Park n’ Play

Park n’ Plays are free games and activities hosted at parks across the city for ages 3-12. Sessions are drop-in only and on a first come-first serve basis. Ward 3 has one more Park n’ Play happening this summer: from August 21-28, Nose Creek School will have outdoor programming for ages 6-12. Check out calgary.ca/parks-rec-programs for more information.

Sport Calgary – All Sport One Day

Sport Calgary is also hosting a variety of sports programs for ages 6-17. On August 19th, children can try a new sport or activity for the first time, completely free! Registration opens August 10th, and spots fill up quickly. Check out sportcalgary.ca/all-sport-one-day for more information.

In the Community

Stop by the Harvest Hills Hub Market and Movie Night on August 12th from 5-9PM at the Harvest Hills Community Garden! I’ll be there to chat with residents and would love to talk with you.

For more information on all things related to Ward 3 or to contact my office directly, visit jasminemian.com.

JULY 2023

Stampede season has begun! I am so excited to be a partnering with ROYOP and VIVO for their annual Coventry Hills Stampede Caravan Breakfast.

The best thing about Stampede is the sense of community. The entire city comes together to give back. Strangers or neighbours – I’m happy to flip a pancake for you.

Join us on Tuesday, July 11th from 9-11AM in the Michael’s parking lot at the Coventry Hills Centre! Grab a bite to eat, chat with your neighbours, and soak in the hot July weather.

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JUNE 2023

Summer is here! Watch your mailbox this month of my annual Councillor Newsletter for updates on everything related to Ward 3.

Here are some topics and questions we’ve received from residents this past month. For more information or to contact my office directly, visit jasminemian.com.

Q: What do I do if I see water pooling in my neighbourhood?

A: During the heavy spring rainfalls, storm drains can take extra time to drain. If the water hasn’t drained in around 90 minutes and pooling begins, take a picture and submit to 311 via the app or online tool. The pictures help the City prioritize urgent requests. (Reminder to keep your eavestroughs clear and keep an eye on your storm drain!)

Q: When will fluoride be back in the water supply?

A: As part of the 2021 General Election, 62% of electors voted in favour of reintroducing fluoridation of the municipal water supply. In November 2021, Council directed Administration to begin the process. Bids for construction went to market in March 2023, and it is expected we will finalize a partner this month. Based on the current projection of timelines, the fluoridation system should likely be in service June 2024.

Stampede Reminder

With July just around the corner, Stampede events are being planned across the ward.  I’ll be at ROYOP’s Coventry Hills Stampede Caravan Breakfast on Tuesday, July 11th and I’d love to see you there!

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MAY 2023

Spring is officially here! I’m excited to be in the ward for all of the outdoor events the warmer weather brings. Here are some topics and questions we’ve received from residents this past month. For more information or to contact my office directly, visit jasminemian.com.

Q: What’s going on with back yard chickens?

A: Last year, the City of Calgary piloted an Urban Hens project with great success, and has now officially launched an Urban Hen Licensing Program. If you’re interested in hen-keeping, visit calgary.ca/pets to learn more or apply. PS- roosters are not permitted under the bylaw, so there will be no early morning “cock-a-doodle-doo”s coming from your neighbours.

Q: What is Neighbour Day – and what is there to do?

Neighbour Day began in June 2014 to celebrate the incredible outpouring of support and generosity of neighbours following the 2013 floods. This year marks the 10th annual Neighbour Day on June 17. Local Community Associations and groups will likely be hosting markets, recreation in green spaces, BBQs and even block parties. If you’d like to participate or even throw one yourself, visit calgay.ca/NeighbourDay and check out your neighbourhood’s Community Association for more details. I’ll be making the rounds and would love to see new faces.

Spring Cleaning Means Community Cleanups

If you want to save yourself a trip to the landfill, the City is supporting Community Cleanups from April to fall by partnering with local Community Associations. You can drop off at any community clean up location, free of charge. For a full list of eligible materials and cleanup locations check out calgary.ca/cleanup.

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APRIL 2023

Spring is just around the corner! Here are some topics and questions we’ve received from residents this past month. For more information or to contact my office directly, visit jasminemian.com.

Q: Any update on the Hanson Ranch Wetlands?

A: You may have noticed that throughout March, crews were out working on the wetland. Although construction is expected to begin in 2024, preliminary work is being done for permitting purposes. Investigate site work and environmental monitoring will continue periodically. Visit calgary.ca/hansonranchwetland for more information.

Keeping Storm Drains Clear this Spring

Storm drains (or catchbasins) are the main way stormwater gets into our underground pipes AKA our stormwater management system, so it’s important we keep them clear! There are about 60,000 storm drains in Calgary which capture water off sidewalks, streets and roads. The City has an online map that shows where storm drains are located and how to care for them: calgary.ca/stormdrains

Green Calgary Rain Barrels

With springtime rain around the corner, rain barrel sales are happening right in Ward 3. Capturing rainwater keeps dirt and contaminants out of our rivers and helps our community stay resilient during dry weather by cutting down on water use. Grab yours for a discount Saturday, June 10 at VIVO between 10am and 2pm. Pre-order at greencalgary.org starting April 1, 2023.

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MARCH 2023

Here are a few questions from residents from the past month. For more information on any Council-related topics, please visit the FAQ page at jasminemian.com or contact my office directly at clward3@calgary.ca

Q:  Why didn’t Council give an exemption to Co-Op for their compostable grocery bags?

A: When Calgary passed the Single Use Bylaw, it was to get a head start at aligning with the incoming federal regulations and bans on single use items. While the City of Calgary cannot override the federal legislation, if these bags are given an exemption at the federal level, Council is prepared to include this in our local bylaw as well.

Q: What should I do if I have a question about my Property Tax Assessment?

All FAQ related to property tax assessments can be found at calgary.ca assessment. Please note that property tax assessments have been mailed, and the Review Period will be underway until March 13. If you need extra assistance, reach out to our office. 

A quick reminder that CPS has launched their annual Operation Cold Start. Since November of 2022, more than 240 idling vehicles have been stolen. As tempting as it is in this cold weather to start your car and wait inside, CPS discourages that practice at all costs. Stay warm but stay safe, and do not leave keys or other valuables in an unattended vehicle.

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Happy New Year, Ward 3! It’s been such a pleasure to represent you all as I head into my second year in office. I hope your holidays were restful and warm for you and your loved ones. My team and I are excited for what 2023 has in store for Ward 3 and Calgary.

2023 Property Tax Assessments & Review Period

Property tax assessments have been mailed, marking the beginning of the Review Period which will last until March 13. Best sure to visit calgary.ca/assessment to confirm accuracy, see where your tax dollars go, and switch to a paperless notice for a chance to win.

The Calgary Awards are quickly approaching in the Spring. If you know a Calgarian or local business doing great things for our community, check out the categories and nominate them at calgary.ca/awards.

Keep an eye out for Sandstone MacEwan CA’s pleasure rink opening skate party this month, happening on Saturday, Feb 25th at 1pm. If you want to venture a bit further, Chinook Blast is also happening until February 12th!


Here are a few of the most common questions we’ve received from residents this past month. For more information, please visit the FAQ page at jasminemian.com or contact my office directly.

Q: What’s happening with the TELUS FibreOptic construction over the winter months?

A: TELUS will be sending mailouts to all affected homes before the end of the year. Work sites are currently being cleaned for the winter break (Dec 21-Jan 3). A reminder notice will be sent in February before the spring construction begins once again.

Q: What is going on with the new roundabout in Hidden Valley?

A: The roundabout (installed at Hidden Creek Dr x Hidden Creek Way) is nearly complete with recently updated appropriate signs. It has been installed to reduce speeding concerns occurring at this intersection. The temporary structure is in place so that traffic evaluation can be done regarding the reduction of speeding and other safety concerns. Once data is collected, the City will evaluate its necessity and effectiveness.

Q: Any update on the vandalized bus shelters in the ward?

A: Calgary Police Service recently confirmed that three sixteen-year-old males were charged in Coventry Hills. Additional suspects in other communities are being investigated. The vandalized locations will be repaired with normal materials to shelter residents in the immediate weather. The City is also piloting new materials at a location in Ward 3 to determine long term viability. 

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We’re updating how we advertise public hearings

Planning & Development Services is introducing a new bylaw to modernize how we advertise public hearings of City Council on planning matters. Public hearing notices are now fully detailed on our updated webpage.

Our transition will be gradual. Newspaper ads will continue until June 2023, while we use other methods like social media, web ads and community newsletters to help inform the public of the changes.

Having the public’s participation in planning matters is an important part how we build Calgary. Modernizing our advertising methods will more effectively reach larger numbers of citizens on planning applications going to Council. As well, we’ve increased our efforts to connect citizens who have limited English language skills by creating language-specific ads.

Visit calgary.ca/planningmatters for more details or contact approvals@calgary.ca with your questions.

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Your passion needs a seat at the table

The City of Calgary is recruiting for vacancies on 21 Boards, Commissions and Committees (BCCs). BCC members apply their skills, interests, and expertise to guide decisions across a wide range of urban issues – including social well-being, anti-racism, planning & design, community standards, climate, and other areas. If you value public service and would like to take part in the future decisions of our dynamic city, please go to the website: calgary.ca/boards. Recruiting opens at 8am on August 12 and closes at 4pm on September 12.

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Parks Wayfinder: Map shows amenities in Calgary parks

Summer is in full force and it’s the perfect time for Calgarians to enjoy the outdoors through visiting the many parks in the city. The Parks Wayfinder Map shows amenities owned by Calgary Parks. You can search for the nearest washroom, drinking fountain, waste/recycling disposal, firepit, picnic table, off-leash area, sports field, park vendor, and other amenities available in City parks. Visit the Parks Wayfinder Map at www.maps.calgary.ca/ParksWayfinder.

To view more City of Calgary maps, please visit the Map Gallery at www.maps.calgary.ca.  

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JULY 2022

Storm pond safety: Stay back and stay out.

Storm ponds may look natural and like a great place for summer fun, but they are man-made stormwater treatment facilities and can be dangerous. Many of the communities in Ward 3 have storm ponds and they serve an important function.

Storm ponds protect our rivers by helping remove sediment, fertilizer, animal feces, pesticides and other pollutants. They also protect our communities from flooding.

Runoff from rain or melting snow, also called stormwater, washes through the community, collecting dirt, gravel and pollutants along the way. After washing into storm drains, stormwater travels through underground pipes to storm ponds.

By capturing and holding stormwater, storm ponds slow the flow down, allowing sediment and contaminants to settle at the bottom of the pond. The improved water is then slowly released to our rivers, creeks and streams. 

Storm ponds are not safe for recreational purposes. They can be very deep, and because of the potential for rapidly changing water levels (from inlet and outlet pipes), poor water quality and soft, muddy bottoms, a storm pond should never be used for recreational purposes.

Keep your family and pets safe. Stay out of the water. Water contact of any kind, including swimming, wading and boating, is dangerous and prohibited. Keep your pets on leashes and away from the water for their health and safety.

Find out more at calgary.ca/stormpondsafety

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JUNE 2022

Property tax payment due June 30, pay or join TIPP by then to avoid late payment penalties

Your property tax must be paid by June 30 to avoid late payment penalties. The City’s Tax Installment Payment Plan (TIPP) is the most popular payment method. You pay the same amount as your annual property tax levy, but instead of one large lump sum payment in June, you pay smaller monthly installments.

This makes budgeting easier and reduces the risk of late payment penalties. Signing up for TIPP is easy and there’s no need to re-apply each year. There is no filing fee or initial payment required.

Plan enrollment must be completed by the due date shown on your bill to avoid a late payment penalty. Please visit calgary.ca/TIPP to learn more and request an agreement to join.

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MAY 2022

Jasmine Mian is on the Kondrat Podcast

I recently met up with Jasmine Mian, one of Calgary’s newest City Councilors, to see what inspired her to get involved in city politics.Prior to politics, Jasmine was an elite athlete where she won a bronze medal representing Canada in the 2014 Commonwealth Games and placed 12th in the 2016 Summer Olympics.  We discuss how this experience helps to shape her perspective in her new political career.

It was great to connect with Jasmine – she has a lot of energy and is committed to making a positive impact in our community.  I hope you enjoy our conversation!

Episode #135 – LEAD – Jasmine Mian Calgary City Councilor – Ward 3

As the weather warms up, it’s the perfect time to get outside with your four-legged friends. Calgary has dozens of public off-leash areas with a combined area of 1,145 hectares for you and your dog to enjoy. My dog loves when I take him to the off-leash parks!

The newest off-leash area is opening soon on the south side of 96 Ave and Harvest Hills Link NE next to Aurora Business Park. Ward three currently has six other off-leash areas: one in Livingston, two in Hidden Valley, and three in Sandstone Valley. We also border onto Nose Hill Park, which is home to the largest off-leash area in the city.

Visit the City of Calgary map that shows the location of off-leash dog areas in Calgary: maps.calgary.ca

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APRIL 2022

Pathway and River Cleanup

Spring is in the air, which means that the City’s annual Pathway and River Cleanup is back! Over the weekend of May 13-15, thousands of volunteers collect trash from all over Calgary.

The event started in 1967 when 12-year-old Sandra Crawford noticed a mattress lying in the Elbow River. She attempted to remove it but was unsuccessful. She then wrote a letter to the newspaper, which led to the first annual Pathway and River Cleanup.

With hundreds of pathways and riverbanks, there’s no shortage of opportunity to get involved. For more information visit the city’s River and Pathway Cleanup page by scanning the QR code below:

Want regular city hall updates?

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MARCH 2022

The City of Calgary has expanded eligibility for The Resilient Roofing Rebate Program

Our city is no stranger to extreme weather like hailstorms, which are most common between the months of May and October. Is the roof of your home ready? The City of Calgary would like to help with the Resilient Roofing Rebate Program.

You may be eligible for a $3,000 rebate if you have installed or are planning to install a Class 4 impact-resistant roofing product on your single-family, semi-detached, or duplex home.

The Resilient Roofing Rebate Program is available to homeowners who are replacing their roof and are looking to upgrade to impact-resistant products to protect their homes from severe weather damage. The program is set to run until May 31, 2024 or until funding is allocated.

For more information and to check eligibility, please visit calgary.ca/hail


Hello, residents of Ward 3. I’m honoured and excited to have been elected as the Ward 3 City Councillor. I’m looking forward to taking my platform from ideas to actions.

My priorities for the next four years are: safe and connected neighbourhoods, property tax fairness, impactful budgeting, improving core services, and climate leadership. I campaigned on these principles and I intend to action them through collaborative work with City of Calgary administration, citizens, and my staff.

I believe that Calgary is in a period of transition. The economic downturn has hit our city hard but there are many bright spots that give me a sense of optimism. Calgary is poised to once again be the economic engine of the country—we just need to shift our focus from a singular industry to a broader approach. 

The newly elected Council includes mostly new faces, including mine. I feel that its extremely important to work together with my colleagues on common goals for the greater good of the city. I know we won’t agree on everything all the time, but I am the type of person who can work collaboratively without compromising my values or creating conflict. The Councillors that I’ve met so far seem to share this view so I’m confident that we will accomplish a lot.

During my first two weeks on the job I have been busy learning about City Council processes and procedures, as well as touring key City facilities and meeting City staff. Speaking of staff, I’ve hired a very capable team of three who each have their own strengths and experience that will enable me to achieve my goals. My team and I intend to work closely with all of the residents of Ward 3 and I encourage you to reach out through the website if you have any questions or concerns 

My website will be updated with my priorities, bio, and news very soon. I’m eager to speak with and work with residents, community associations, businesses, and organizations of Ward 3. Together, we can make it an even better place to live, work, and play.

*WARD 3 NEWS and to learn more about Jasmine please visit www.calgary.ca/ward3


Jasmine Mian was elected Councillor for Ward 3 in the Calgary General Election on Oct. 18, 2021.