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JUNE 9, 2020

“A Fix” for Charity

Hello everyone! Many of you may have read & heard that bike sales have gone through the roof and many people are venturing out on their bikes for fun and exercise while still maintaining social-distancing outdoors during this Covid-19 period in our lives.

However, as terrific as this is for everyone and the bicycle industry at large, it’s created a couple of issues. The first is that bicycles are selling out in many stores and people are having to search the city and online or they just have to wait. The second issue is bicycle repairs. Most shops are backlogged minimum 3 weeks due to people wanting to get their existing bikes up and running smoothly so that they can go for a ride.

There’s a possibility that I may have a solution for the first issue by suggesting Two Wheel View, a non profit organization that is refurbishing & reselling donated used bikes. As for the second issue, I am going to offer my services. I am formerly an aircraft mechanic, but am now working in finance, and a couple of years ago, I graduated from a generalized bike mechanics course through the University of Calgary. Most recently I have been using my bicycle mechanics skills to support Two Wheel View.

My offer to all of you in the local communities of Sandstone and MacEwan is this; I am willing to tune up and fix your bicycle to the best of my knowledge in my spare time. If parts need to be replaced on your bicycle, I am happy to do it, however please make sure that you have the necessary parts & items because I don’t carry any spare parts at my home. The only thing that I request is that a small monetary donation of $25 or more be made to Two Wheel View when you pick up your bicycle for my time and services. Everyone will benefit; your bike will be fixed, a charity will receive a donation, and I get to keep my general bike mechanic skills sharp.

If you like the sound of this arrangement then please feel free to call or text me on my cell at 403-830-6710 to book a time. I look forward to being of help to the community.

Sven Stuwe

MAY 11, 2020

Brown Bagging for Calgary Kids & SMCA has set up a free lunch program for kids available from 11am – 1pm on Mondays – Fridays, located at the community sheds, by the hockey rink (355 Sandarac Dr NW) until Friday, June 26th.

Please share this information with anyone that you know is looking for help. We want to ensure that there are no kids going hungry.

For more info please visit – https://bb4ck.org/

MAY 2, 2020

Please support the local businesses in our communities during the COVID19 crisis.  Below is a list of the businesses and their phone numbers so you can call the businesses to see if they are open, when they plan to re-open, if they deliver, or if curbside pickup is an option. Remember to continue to exercise social distancing when visiting our local businesses.


  • Artist Hair Studio – (403) 295-6357
  • Dairy Queen – (403) 730-0780
  • Esso/711 – (403) 267-1673
  • Husky – (403) 295-6494
  • Little Caesars – (403) 295-8222
  • Liquor Emporium – (403) 730-0386
  • Mila Nails & Spa – (403) 730-6452
  • More Than Fabricare – (403) 274-8949
  • Sandstone Dental – (403) 275-3132
  • Subway – (403) 275-1120


  • Brixtons Pub & Eatery – (403) 454-4787
  • Budget Cleaners – (403) 274-7999
  • Coop Gas Bar & store – (403) 299-4031
  • Gimsap African Asian Market – (403) 248-5507
  • Ginger Beef Express – (403) 730-4488
  • Liquor Plex – (403) 452-9767
  • LUVcuts Family Hair Design – (403) 295-2555
  • MacEwan Dental Centre – (403) 730-7630
  • MacEwan Medical Clinic – (403) 455-8382
  • Radiant Physiotherapy – (403) 457-9090
  • VCA Canada MacEwan Animal Hospital – (403) 295-1929


  • Schroeder Consulting Real Estate Appraisal 403-463-0581

Thank you for supporting our local Sandstone & MacEwan businesses!

APRIL 15, 2020

To help prevent the spread of COVID-19, several facilities and services are either closed to the public or have limited access with appropriate physical distancing measures, including the SMCA hockey rink.

For a list of all city closures, restrictions and cancellations please go to – https://www.calgary.ca/CSPS/cema/Pages/COVID-19-Facility-closures.aspx

In addition, all in-person public engagement activities have been cancelled until after June 30. 

Thank you for your understanding.

MARCH 28, 2020

Please support the local businesses in our community that are currently open during the Covid19 crisis. 

Don’t forget to exercise social distancing and minimize the number of trips outside your home. Call the business to see if deliver or curbside pickup is an option.

Sandstone Businesses still open

  • Dairy Queen – regular hours (drive thru and take out only)
  • Esso/711 – regular hours
  • Husky – regular hours
  • Little Caesars – reduced hours
  • Liquor Emporium – regular hours
  • Modern Fabric Care – reduced hours
  • Subway – reduced hours

MacEwan Businesses still open

  • Budget Cleaners – closing March 31
  • Coop Gas Bar & store – reduced hours
  • Ginger Beef Express – regular hours
  • Liquor Plex – reduced hours
  • Radiant Physiotherapy – reduced hours

Thank you for supporting our local businesses!

MARCH 22, 2020

Hello Sandstone and MacEwan Residents,

It seems most people have been impacted in one way or another by the COVID 19 virus.

For those of you who know someone who has contracted the virus, or have family members in isolation, on behalf of the Board, our thoughts are with you.

For me personally, the past little while has been an emotional roller-coaster.

The impact of the pandemic has hit me in stages, and it started when all professional sports organizations ended their seasons. Next came the school closures, followed closely by the Mayor announcing that the City was in a ‘state of emergency”. I’m sure every person can indicate when they started to understand the world was in a state society has never experienced.

I felt fear then anger as I witnessed panic-buying of food and other essentials and believe it could have been minimized with better communication and management from the grocery giants and the media.

However, with devastation and uncertainty comes innovation, kindness and generosity. For example, Breweries are making hand sanitizer, grocery stores are increasing their capacity to process online orders and stores are opening earlier for seniors and vulnerable citizens. All levels of Government are working together and have put the politics of the business aside. Neighbors are keeping in touch with one another, either through email, social media or by making phone calls. If you are on the internet and social media you will see an amazing array of free opportunities that are available to exercise, learn new hobbies, and support for maintaining your mental well-being to name a few.

Most importantly, get outside and ride, run or walk, it is critical for your mind and body and very easy to practice social distancing. We are fortunate in Calgary to have beautiful blue skies and great spring weather.

We invite you to share your ideas and stories of acts of kindness you and people you know are experiencing to any of the listed sites below. Please contact us on our website or our social media sites including website an Facebook Sandstone MacEwan Community Association, Twitter @sandstonemac or https://www.instagram.com/sandstonemacewan/. Look forward to our emails that we send out occasionally and email us at info@sandstonemacewan.com to be included in this distribution.

As we move forward let’s prepare for the worst and hope for the best. Be smart about your decisions and don’t give up! This is not going to last forever.

Sue Coatham SMCA President